May you be covered with the dust of your rabbi, Jesus!

Dust…the smooth silky, obviously dusty particles.

Covered…like the earth under a night sky, or the mess a child makes when there’s flour everywhere.

Rabbi… instructor, light to the path, hope from a mundane life, creating longing that maybe there’s something more.

Covered …with…Jesus.   May you follow him so closely that he steps out and you step in, as a shadow, as to be covered with  dust.

   Covered with Jesus’ dust.


4 thoughts on “May you be covered with the dust of your rabbi, Jesus!

  1. well…..i’m taking a lot of stuff, but we can get it all in the two vans, but we’ll take out all of the seats out of the lumina, and then i’ll keep the lumina there until i can get my car, and mom and dad, and boys will drive home on monday afternoon sometime. we are probably going to be there by noon on monday, so that way they don’t have to leave too late to go back home again. then i’ll come home 3 days later, and i’ll put all the seats back in the lumina, so i can use them if i need to! lol…..well, i’ll see you in a week…love ya!!


  2. um…well its only a little over 2 hours away from home……i’m doing great, this week is going fast, and soon i will be moved, i’m excited about it. but last night was my last time to be in class with the girls….i’m really going to miss that! they gave me this awesome picture frame, that they all signed… i’m excited about having that in my room. i’ll see you next week!


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