The following is a poem I wrote a while ago and never put on here. 


A twinkle, a splash, a moment of blue.  Oh, I just read a verse that’s new.  A twinkle, a sparkle, a color of orange tart.  That song gives me hope to fill my heart.

Jesus, how long must my sky be gray?  Some moments I see color, then it’s gray to my dismay. 

Jesus, I want to see you, know you, see beyound the here and now.  I want to see purple and say “Oh, wow!”

Today Pastor Dave was speaking, and yellow shown through.  I want to know you and love you like the persecuted true.

Then Leah and I talked, and there was pink!  The fellowship and encouragement made you smile and wink.

Finally sharing poems and sayings with Leah brought a bubbly green.  They brought life and hope, and gave life a sparkly sheen.

But Jesus, it’s back to gray, where are you now today?  I want to see in hues, it happens when I look at you. 


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