My place is here

So, I will be here for May.  Home for June, and here for July.  Summer classes will take most of my time.  I still haven’t rested yet.  Maybe next week.  Yesterday we went to see the tulips.  We had so much fun.  There’s some pictures posted on my other on-line source.  We took funny pictures with the statues and walked in the rain.

I was hungry and bought a pound of cheese.  It was like the same price for  deli sandwich and a pound of cheese.  And I didn’t want all of the bread.  The parade was really fun.  I liked the bands.  It was more fun than I expected!   Today I was looking through all the pictures and had to laugh again.

I’ve realized more lately that my time is here.  One of my friends came to know Jesus this year.  Another is struggling with depression so bad that she doesn’t want to live.  Can you pray for her? she needs to know Jesus.  Pray that I will show her to him instead of just giving her survival stratigies. 

My eyes have really been open lately to other cultures.  I’m interested to see how God works in that. 

I have a busy time ahead with my science class, helping my friend pack to move, packing for my trips, then packing to go home, and helping my friend catch up in her classes.  I feel like God has given me the next couple of months to be still and to know him.  Jesus, I’m sorry I haven’t taken the time I want for you.


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