From the earthworm’s perspective…

From his perspective, he was accomplishing his goal. He was a real “earth mover”, ground shaker, go getter.  From his perspective, he was changing his world.   Things moved when he came.  Pathways were carved, and new environments created.  Plants around him flourished, and he was created with a special role in God’s creation.    


From my perspective?   He was just an earthworm, struggling to pull a plant seed into the dirt.  He was one of many earthworms I’ve come across in my gardening adventures.  And he treasured an annoying little weed that didn’t belong in my garden.  He was so tiny you wouldn’t have seen him unless you were weeding in his turf.  


It was all about perspective.   Mine was vastly different than his.  The only reason he stood out to me from the many other earthworms that day, was his intense focus on his job.  He desperately wanted that bit of plant to come into the dirt.  He moved it so intently back and forth. When you look close enough, you can see two parts of the worm, perhaps his head and tail working together? 


Often from my perspective, someone else’s goal seems meaningless.  They are one of many.  There are many plant parts out there, why does this one matter?  And to someone else, I am probably the same as that earthworm….intently focused on moving my plant seed back and forth.  A plant seed that probably annoys some people. 🙂  


But to the Lord? He sees all the earthworms (both the real ones and us too!) :-).  He understands each perspective, each value, and each goal.  He doesn’t ridicule the intense focus on my spot in the garden, rather he encourages new growth and perseverance.  



Lord, help me to value others as you do. To see from their eyes the things they value and treasure.  Thank you for seeing me as part of your creation.  You are the Master Gardener overseeing my little spot in your garden.  Help me to show the same diligence to each task (even if it’s small) as the earthworm showed to that weed.  


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