Being faithful in the small things sometimes means getting rid of your stuff.

Small things……small children, small projects, small books, small houses, small dreams, and small victories. There are many ‘small things’ in life that call for our attention, yet may not excite us. While we believe they are worthwhile, essential to life, enjoyable, and necessary, they may not feel as adventurous as the daring dreams we long for.

Today I’m thinking on this phrase ‘being faithful in the small things’ (taken from Luke 16:10).  It will look different to everyone. To someone learning to read, being faithful in small things will look like continuously practicing smaller books until they are equipped to pull out the larger ones. At times, small children may seem less exciting as we dream of future days of road trips, camping, and board-games with older kids. But unless we are faithful in those small projects, small people, and small dreams, we will never be ready for the big ones ahead of us.

This is my “small things”.  Simplifying, minimalizing, cleaning out…call it what you want. I call it ‘preparing for our next baby’, ‘minimizing what’s not important so I can maximize my home and time for what has value’, and ‘preparing for future adventures’.

If you dream of sailing to far off places, 

then you must ready your ship 

so you can pull up anchor at a moments notice. 


Athletes don’t just decide to run a marathon. They run around the block, lift the first five pound weight, kick the first ball….everything has a small beginning. One of my favorite phrases from a high school graduation card given to me, says “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

When I was venting my overwhelmed feelings to my husband and wondering how to tackle each thing on my heart, he reminded me of that phrase.  I can’t accomplish the big dreams today. But I can be faithful in the small things. Each day, I can take another ‘bite’. I can do this small project, small dream, small step that will eventually lead to the big things I hope for.

(see my decluttered and dusted shelves from today’s project?)


If my dreams of having a place where I can garden at my own house were to be fulfilled, then I must be faithful to be a good steward of my current home.  If my dreams of creative, thoughtful, and ‘self-motivated to learn’ children will happen, then I must invest the time now to cultivate those characteristics.

Do you ever have those ‘zinger’ conversations? Where you are talking with someone and ‘zing!’, their comment hit you right where you needed to hear it? Last night, my husband and I were discussing his methods of cleaning out the laundry room and what to do with the unneeded items in there. He wanted to get rid of a certain item and I said we had to keep it (though we have no current need for it) and then he said it…..’We have to be faithful in the small things. If you ever expect to get another place, then we need to be faithful with the house we have. There, that’s a word from God for you!”.  I couldn’t argue with that. Indeed, that very phrase ‘faithful in the small things’ had been whispered to my heart at least a month before.

How about you? What are your little things (that may not seem exciting) that you need to be faithful in? What ‘bites’ of the elephant do you need to take? Leave a comment to share! I’d be interested in hearing!


5 thoughts on “Being faithful in the small things sometimes means getting rid of your stuff.

  1. So true. Our husbands are truly God’s gift of truth through our struggles. I love what you did with those shelves. It looks beautiful.

    Faithful in the small right now for me is growing in keeping my mouth shut and praying, instead of complaining.

    Last night I was up again with my sick daughter and because of my husband’s words I suddenly remembered I could also pray for myself- for endurance – and not just for my sick daughter. So, I guess being faithful in the small of caring for my girl without complaint is all about coming to God as His little girl myself. When I did so it made a HUGE difference. Thank you for reminding me to keep doing this.


  2. Thank you Felicia for continuing to share what the Lord shows you about this walk with Him.
    When I read this I thought sometimes the things I think are little, insufficient like you said is not to the Lord. The season I’m in right now, I feel unuseful, useless, like the name of our first dog. And he was. But we sure loved him and he loved us. So I have to remember though I think I’m not doing big things for God. He loves me! And I sure love Him! ❤️

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    • Thank you for sharing!! It’s so true! We have to remember that how we see things isn’t how God sees them. He sees the bigger picture and purpose, and loves us through it all. 😊


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