100 Bible Stories for Children: a book review

We’ve loved the baby and toddler Bibles over the last couple years. You can tell by the broken covers, worn corners and loose binding that they have seen their share of action.  My little one can “read” them to you, telling you many people’s names and what happens in the story.


I was excited when I saw this gem produced by Tyndale Publishing!  100 Bible Stories for Children is like the next step up from the toddler Bible. It is written for children ages 5-8, and has beautiful color illustrations.


It has an expanded collection of stories compared to a toddler Bible.  The 100 stories includes the Twelve Spies, Samson, Gideon, Job, Paul and Silas in Prison, Stephen, and John’s letters in the book of Revelation. Most toddler Bibles don’t include all of those, so this is a good ‘next step’ Bible for younger children.

When we first got it in the mail, my little one was so excited to ‘read’ it and look for familiar stories. She perused the pages like looking for old friends and excited to meet new ones. I totally recommend this version as the next step up from a toddler Bible.

I received 100 Stories for Children as a complimentary version part of the Tyndale Publishing Blogger review program, however all of the opinions and experiences are mine.


What other versions have you enjoyed? Let me know in the comments!