Is it fall already?

The weather is definitely changing!  It's actually been a little brisk in the mornings, and we haven't turned on the window air conditioning lately. I see people mentioning pumpkin spice on Facebook, and even though I'm a fanatic....I'm not ready to dive into fall just yet. We have one last summer get together at the … Continue reading Is it fall already?


Listening for the music

Part of why I love fall so much is the opportunity to slow down and cozy in. This summer we spent hiking, visiting parks, spray parks, the zoo, and lots of play dates. Summer break for school kids goes so fast, that we try and cram in all the fun with our friends we can … Continue reading Listening for the music

Being grateful while you are in the middle of everything!

Hello, Hopefully you are able to stay cool this week!  We've been having 90's coupled with humidity, so we are staying indoors each afternoon. Since summer came, my reading has certainly slacked off.  I keep seeing these posts about people's summer book lists since they aren't busy with school. Do you read more in the … Continue reading Being grateful while you are in the middle of everything!